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VIDEO | Kayumba – MAMA | Download Mp4 [Official Video]



                                    New Video |   Kayumba – MAMA |  Mp4 Download

ITS ALL ABOUT LOVE TO MOTHERS. THIS IS DEDICATION TO ALL MOTHERS AROUND THE WORLD. I LOVE YOU MAMA( Hii ni Kwa ajili ya upendo mkubwa kwa Mama zetu, Kama unampenda Mama yako hii ni Kwa ajili yake) .Enjoy a Good Music From Kayumba.

Bongo flava is the nickname for Tanzanian hip hop music. The genre developed in the 1990s, mainly as a derivative of American hip hop, with additional influences from reggae, R&B, afrobeat, dancehall, and traditional Tanzanian styles such as taarab and dansi, a combination that forms a unique style of music.
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