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AUDIO : Daz Nundaz ( Daz Mwalimu ft.Afande Sele ) - Elimu Dunia



   Daz Nundaz   is one of the group that has done very well in the Tanzanian music industry known as bongofleva

The group was able to perform well due to their singing rhythms and the message that was in their poems

Daz Nundaz , the Dar es Salaam, Tanzania based bongo flava group formed in the mid-nineties had five members, Ferooz, Daz Baba, Critic, La Rumba, and Sajo.

Today We Bring You The "Daz Nundaz  " Song Known By The Name Of "Elimu Dunia"  collaborated with Tanzanian hip hop artist known as "Afande Sele"

In this song Daz Nundaz  talked about a man who refused to go to school and as a result joined the gangs and became a robber and pockets picker and ended up in prison.

You can listen the song below and Leave Your comment:

         New Audio |  Daz Nundaz ( Daz Mwalimu ft.Afande Sele ) - Elimu Dunia | Mp3 Download

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