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TAARAB AUDIO | Khadija Kopa - Maskini Jeuri | DOWNLOAD Mp3 SONG

 Khadija Kopa Hili la Biashara Atakuwa Amechelewa Mno! - Global Publishers

      Khadija Omar Abdallah Kopa (born Zanzibar, 1963) is a Taarab music singer and songwriter from Tanzania. Apart from music, Khadija Kopa is a housewife, businesswoman and also a political activist in Tanzania.

Khadija Kopa  is best known for her great collaboration with the band TOT. She has been singing Taarab since 1990 and the first band she joined was Culture Musical Club.

Her daughter Zuhura Othman Soud, better known by the stage name of "Zuchu" is also a singer , She joined Wasafi Classic and released popular songs such as: Nisamehe, Sukari, Yalaa, Cheche, Wana.

Among the oldest artists in taarab music she is known by the popular stage name "khadija kopa" or by another nickname "Malkia Wa Mipasho" who has  long been in the taarab music for a long time with her hits songs like "Utalijua Jiji" and "Wigi Linawasha" and "Top In Town" and Many More,

Today "Khadija Kopa" blessed us with a new song called "   Maskini Jeuri "

Taarab is a music genre popular in Tanzania and Kenya. It is influenced by the musical traditions of the African Great Lakes, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. Taarab rose to prominence in 1928 with the advent of the genre's first star, Siti binti Saad.                

New Audio | Khadija Kopa - Maskini Jeuri | Mp3 Download  

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