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TAARAB AUDIO | Juma Bhalo - Ungakesha Kisimani | DOWNLOAD Mp3 SONG

      New Audio | Juma Bhalo - Ungakesha Kisimani  | Mp3 Download  

            Professor  Juma Bhalo is one of the greatest kings of Taarab music in Africa and has won the hearts of fans all over the world due to  his great talent.

He is, indeed, a professor of Taarab. Juma Bhalo, a traditional musician of the 60s,70s, 80s 90s, and now the new millennium has been able to maintain this position as the King Of Taarab owing to his poetic Swahili songs.

They are food for thought as they touch on people's lifestyle, love and misfortune. His art has been influential to many up-and-coming groups in Kenya and Tanzania, countries which are home to a large number of Taarab enthusiasts.

What makes Bhalo's songs unique is his golden voice and  the manner in which he crafts the lyrics. They are poetic and a mishmash of languages spoken in East Africa. He has a gift of coming up with “on the spot” lyrics while performing live on weddings.                                  

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