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TAARAB AUDIO | King's Modern Taarab (Hanifa Maulid) - Makavu Live


If you talk about the current taarab groups that lead to good songs you can't help but mention the "King's Modern Taarab" group.

It is one of the taarab groups that has produced many beautiful songs such as
"Acha Sifa za kijinga" and  "Riziki Mipango Ya Mungu" and "Sikuogopi Nakupotezea"

Today we would like to bring you the song "King's Modern Taarab" which is sung by the artist "Haifa Maulidi" this song is called "Makavu Live"

In this song "hanifa maulidi" talks about how he opens up by giving the truth to someone without fear of any kind.

New Audio |  King's Modern Taarab (Hanifa) - Makavu Live | Mp3 Download


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